Synchrony - Important information for our customers, partners, communities and employees related to Coronavirus (COVID-19).

For Customers

For those who may be experiencing financial hardship, we are here to support you.  This could include waiving fees and charges across credit card accounts or evaluating credit limits to help with additional, necessary purchases.  For more information on how we will continue to support our customers, please read below.

  • Bank Customers
    Bank Customers

    First and foremost, and especially during these unprecedented times, we want to reassure you that your assets are safe and secure with us. As a Synchrony Bank customer, you will continue to have 24/7 access to your FDIC-insured accounts by using all our online and mobile servicing tools. Click Sign In to register or sign in if you already have an account. Synchrony Bank also has a dedicated phone app which makes signing in even more seamless.

    Let’s stay connected. If you encounter any difficulties with your Synchrony Bank account(s), please contact us right away.

  • Cardholders

    As always, our aim is to provide you with fast, convenient and easy-to-use digital tools for accessing and managing your account. Coronavirus (COVID-19) hasn’t changed that. You can still do many things online, including:

    • Review your balance or recent transactions
    • Request a credit limit increase
    • Make a payment or adjust your Autopay
    • Complete other account service requests
    • Chat with our virtual assistant, Sydney
    • Set up alerts, texts/SMS and email notifications

    Go to the website printed on your statement and click Find Account to register or log in to your account.

  • Protect yourself
    Protect yourself

    Phishing and fraud are on the rise. As our customer, avoid trouble by doing the following:

    • Be sure a padlock or lock icon is displayed in the status bar of your web browser before sending personal or financial information online. This lock indicates any communications exchange is encrypted and secure.  
    • Contact us if you feel your account has been compromised
    • Learn more about Fraud Protection here
  • Contacting customer service
    Contacting customer service

    Our customer service representatives are here to provide knowledgeable and caring support. Our team is available to help when you need to talk about your account.

  • As always, our social media team can assist through our Ask Synchrony channels as well.

    We’re all in this together.

For Partners

At the end of the day, we’re all in this together. Synchrony makes decisions through the lens of supporting our deep relationships with partners. 

We are dedicated to providing you and your customers with dependable service and products – we want to be sure they can get the items they want and need.

Our teams are working on strategies to help your business recover and rebuild to prepare for the future.


  • Partners

    Our investments in technology have made our mobile and online platforms fast and easy to use for you and your customers. With multichannel options, we can serve you and your customers through a range of platforms during this time.

  • Partners

    Leverage Synchrony for useful and actionable insights and resources to help you navigate today and plan for tomorrow.  Tap into Synchrony Connect for Small Business for important tips, industry trends and best practices that can help you grow, lead and manage your business.

    Topics include:

    • Leading Through Challenging Times
    • Working from Home Tips 
    • Reopening Your Workplace
    • Get Started

Although we cannot physically be with you, we are here every step of the way to help you during this trying time.


For Communities

During this difficult time, we’re deeply focused on supporting the communities where we live and work. Our efforts are focused on three areas:

  1. Supporting vulnerable populations and low-income families
  2. Bringing together partners, customers, and communities to do more
  3. Enabling and enhancing employee giving power
  • Gear Up our Communities
  • Synchrony Commits $5 Million Dollars
  • Employee Giving Power with 2:1 Match

For Employees

Our employees are the bedrock of our company. Protecting them and their families during this uncertain time is more than important; it’s essential. We continue to move quickly and decisively on their behalf—putting plans and protocols in place that support the health, wellness, and safety of our colleagues across the globe. 

Resources and information specifically for Synchrony employees.

  • From office to home office
    From office to home office

    To help keep our employees and their families safe, we sent them home—to work, that is. It meant equipping thousands of our contact center employees with the technology and tools needed to work remotely. Our U.S. and Puerto Rico employees are nearly 100% remote– a first and a milestone during this time. This task was not easy, and we’re working around the clock to get our employees in the Philippines and India fully working from home as well. 

  • Communication is crucial
    Communication is crucial

    With our employees working remotely, we shifted our focus to increasing and enhancing communication, not only about our business, but also news and advice about Coronavirus and staying healthy. We used every channel at our disposal, including virtual town halls with Synchrony’s leadership team, email, text messages, apps and our intranet.  We also host weekly calls with medical experts and free virtual doctor visits to answer employees’ health-related questions.  

  • A strong commitment to customers and partners
    A strong commitment to customers and partners

    Transitioning our company to work remotely was a first for us. And for our employees. But everyone rose to the occasion. We are happy our employees are safe working from home and gratified by their dedication to helping our customers and partners.

  • Extra benefits for extra flexibility
    Extra benefits for extra flexibility

    For many employees, working from home presented a challenge. How could they be on the phone focused on customers or colleagues yet watch their children at the same time? The solution: we expanded childcare benefits for all employees and are providing additional flexibility and reimbursement for our contact center associates. We’re also providing other additional benefits like financial planning seminars, help interpreting the CARES act, mental health advice and enhanced benefits as we know this can be a stressful time, and tips on keeping children healthy and active.     

  • We’re not finished
    We’re not finished

    Synchrony is committed to the health and safety of our employees and their families. For however long COVID-19 continues to be a threat, we’ll continue to do what we can to protect our employees and create programs to keep them safe and productive.


For more information and updates on Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and/or the World Health Organization (WHO).