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What We Do

Ventures What We Do

Synchrony’s vision is to empower our customers to build a future where every ambition is within reach. Synchrony Ventures backs early-stage entrepreneurs who share this vision of empowering people to reach high and to do so with confidence.

We look for technologies and teams to help Synchrony better serve our customers while accelerating Synchrony’s pace of innovation. With the power of Synchrony’s ecosystem including 70M+ consumers and 300,000+ partners, we enable startups to scale and co-create new products and services, with the goal of reshaping the future of financial services.

We’re Active in Three Sectors

  • Financial Services

  • Ventures Financial Services

    Our vision is that finance is an enabler for consumers, small businesses, and large enterprises to grow. We invest in financial platforms that believe in seamless experiences, delightful design, and deep intuitive understanding of the customers they aim to serve. People’s financial lives are not linear, and as priorities and life stages shift, we focus on tailored but scalable products and experiences.

  • Commerce

  • Ventures Commerce

    An increasingly digital and connected world has transformed the customer journey, forcing businesses to rethink how to reach, transact with, and engage customers. We invest in next-generation platforms, products and services that delight users and that reach them when purchase intent is being formed and activated.

  • Healthcare

  • Ventures Healthcare

    For humans and pets, we are witnessing momentous shifts in how we find the care we need, how that care is delivered, and how we pay for it. We back entrepreneurs who seek to better the care journey, with focus on healthcare financing, payments, and enabling access to quality care for you (and your pets!).

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    • Anagram
    • Charge After
    • Drop
    • First Performance
    • ACQ-Flex Engage
    • Fundbox
    • Grabango
    • ACQ
    • Lisnr
    • ACQ-Looppay
    • Prove
    • Socure
    • Skipify
    • The Mom Project
    • Treez


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